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A new, unscripted travel series by
Lisa Konczal

as seen on Emmy and Grammy award-winning shows
shooting for Fortune 100 companies, Netflix, PBS, VICE... and you.

Extended Opportunity at a Sneak Peek:
Up until December 13th, 2022, make a donation of any amount,
and receive a private link to stream the pilot episode of
Nice to Meet You!

Donors will be featured and thanked publicly on this webpage (unless you email Lisa@VeriteCreative.com that you prefer to be listed as anonymous).   
Donors will have access to stream the pilot up until December 13th at midnight EST.

Thank you to all of those who attended the November 20th, 2022
Sneak Preview Screening of the Pilot Episode / Q & A / Mix and Mingle
Q&A Moderated by Brad Zabel, as well as those who donated / purchased tickets to stream the show from their homes in places like
Seattle, Los Angeles and Charlotte... small towns in California, Ohio -
from the West to East coast of the U.S. and abroad.

And at the live Sneak Peek event - what a wonderful group of people -
a true Nice to Meet You! experience!

I met so many nice folks, and was touched by all of the smiles, loved ones, newer friends and long term supporters who came.   And really glad there were representatives from both Mount Airy and Bethania.  What a joy-filled night - what a beautiful experience, filling that room with all of your energy. 


Steve Acesta

Derrick Boone, Sr.

Don Burton

Colin Allured

Ashley Rashe

Clarence Taylor

Regan Burney

Debra Kelker

Sue Kneppelt

Lisa Kneppelt

Daryl Jane


Brad Zabel

Jordan and Jessica Holliday

Edward Scanlan

Carla Holden

Maria Noe

Nicole Jeffries

Oguz Akbilgic

Chris Connell

Danielle Choi

Michael Choi

Denise Duffy

Laura Rauen


Toliver Rinehart

Olwyne and Pete Nesbitt

Donna Hinkle

Jaclyn E. Konczal

Zoe Edds

Joel Konczal

Alain Bertoni

Jennifer Rocco Connell

Joseph Houck (who performs on the soundtrack!)

Angie Bynon

Tess Gingrich

Riccardo Barletta


Kathy and Paul Edds

Lynda Goff

Jean Baiardi

Aisha Philips

True Whiting

Clifford Crabtree

Tracey "SinaTracey" Bentley

Sandy Phocas

Isabelle Girard

Ken Leggett

Paula Leggett

Lauren Light

or via Venmo @lisa_k_entertainment


Longterm and Positive Brand Exposure

The first season is in post-production and available for authentic brand collaborations.

If you or your business or organization would like to discuss being prominently featured in the credits for positive brand exposure to a wide audience,
or for potential product placement opportunities, please reach out to:



Inclusive reach

and lasting impact,

coast to coast... and beyond.

SEASON 1: Homecoming
(currently in post production / streaming 2023)

North Carolina and Virginia, including
Mount Airy, Bethania, 
Sparta, the Carolina Coast and more.

SEASON 2: From Sea to Shining Sea

Small towns from Carolina to California

SEASON 3: Enchantée

From One Side of the Atlantic to the Other


Soon after dancing in the Grammy award-winning music video for Old Town Road and singing in her cowboy boots on Emmy award-winning Shark Tank, Lisa Konczal is pulled to take a break from Los Angeles and head back to her roots.  Wind in her hair and the meaning of “home” on her mind, she drives solo across the country, experiencing the dichotomy of responses to this cowboy boot-clad girl, with California plates.

Join Lisa as she boot scoots in and out of her convertible and around small towns, having spontaneous adventures and turning strangers into newfound friends - from California to Carolina… and beyond.


With uplifting energy and subtle depth, Nice to Meet You! is about the amazing moments of connection and added perspective that so often occur from saying a simple, "Hello, nice to meet you" to a stranger.  It's about identity, stereotypes, the concept of "home"... and how no matter where you go, you'll meet nice folks from Carolina to California... and beyond.


Nice to Meet You! is ultimately about the lens you take with you whether embarking on a road trip, to the other side of town - or just in life.  

Connecting Nice Folks
to Carolina
...and Beyond.

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All photography by Lisa Konczal / VéritéCreative.com except this image,
by Shannon Henderson, and the Lisa / Horse image by Val Patterson.