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- You will be a part of a small and friendly group of people, not to exceed 8 per trip (plus your host, Lisa).

- Beach house windows will remain cracked for fresh CA air, which is super refreshing and healthy anytime - and also pandemic friendly.  We will also be spending a lot of time outside... Vitamin D, expanse of space and the sounds and strength of the tides..ahhh - you will feel it immediately.


- Every guest will have a bed to themselves, unless they request to share a bed with someone (and a Queen sized bed in a private room is still available). Feel free to email Lisa at if you'll be booking with friend(s) or a lover and would like to share a room with them. If you have any question about current room availability / configurations, don't hesitate to email Lisa.   


Room placement is based on a first come, first served basis, and will be configured for the best possible overall experience for each group. You may be in a private room solo, in a room with a friend or two (everyone in their own beds), or if requested, two people can share a bed/private room. Please email Lisa before or just after you sign up if you have any room preference / are going on the vacation with anyone else. Again, first come, first served and happy to let you know what is available before you book:

- Photo shoot is by your host, Lisa, who has photographed celebrities like Charlize Theron, Al Pacino, Ryan Gosling and Quentin Tarantino. 

- Groceries at the house for self serve brunch / snacks will include gluten free, dairy-free and healthy items, organic items and produce, and yummy food such as bacon and chocolate... California wine.  And you'll find plenty of shops and restaurants a walk or short Lyft / skate / bike ride away, so access to amazing California and international cuisine will be abundant.

- Covered meals do not include alcohol - but do include dessert : )  


- The group evenings out dancing include any cover charge.


- Group Beach Rollouts will be on The Strand - a smooth, flat path (as shown in the image to the left). Outdoor rollerskate wheels with a 78 hardness are recommended, especially for newer skaters. Hybrid wheels are also fine.  Folks will also have the option to rent a bike instead (included), as we roll along together to music with one of the most incredible views in the world.

- Participation in the daily beach roll outs, dancing / listening to music, and group meals etc. is designed to create community and enhance everyone's experience. However, all adults will be supported if they end up needing to adjust how they participate based on their energy level or comfortability.

-  Rollerskating at the beaches of LA is iconic and an amazing experience. But as previously noted, Rollerskating is not mandatory - nothing is mandatory : ) But if you have rollerskates, feel free to bring them.  You may carry them with a skate leash onto the plane as a personal item (in place of a purse).  If you'd like to purchase some to practice before your trip, our sponsor, Derby City Skates, will give you 10% off. 

- Transportation will be provided for our Group activities, if we aren't simply walking there or rolling along the bike path to our destination. 


- Just watching dancers and listening to the music will be thoroughly entertaining if preferred, but you will have several opportunities for special world class dance experiences in a city of amazing talent and vibrant energy inviting you to join. 

- If you decide to cancel within 72 hours of your booking, you will receive a refund within full. If you cancel anytime after that, you must find someone to replace you / sort out a refund directly from them - or can transfer your booking to different trip dates, pending availability.  Lisa is also a reasonable human and will do what she can with your circumstances. 


By signing up to good vibrations, you commit to:

- being a friendly, inclusive and supportive presence to others

- being able to skate or bike at least several miles straight, at a moderate pace, on a smooth, flat surface. And after a break, going again. And if you aren't at that point now, you have time to prep : )

- being respectful and caring of your own well being and that of your fellow fun-loving beach house comrades...which includes:

- always wearing a minimum of wristguards when skating (and anyone choosing to go to a skate park during their free time must be experienced, go with a friend, have health insurance, and be wearing full protective gear including a rollerskate helmet. 

not getting black out drunk on this trip; keeping drug use to legal ones (pot is legal in CA). Emergen-C packets full of vitamins will be provided at the house.

- skaters commit to not smoking any substance at our beach house, or within 20 ft. of the group. 

- Guests must be 21+ 


- the house is a very welcoming place, in part because it is full of nice people who are also happy to clean up after themselves and otherwise be considerate to housemates : )

- Discrimination has no place in our beachhouse 


potential   expenses
to keep in mind

- getting to/ from our beach house: your airfare into LAX and any baggage fees, Lyft / transport to / from

the LAX airport to our beach house -

no more than 20 min from the airport - which is great for LA!  

- a Lyft, should you desire to venture out to West Hollywood or another area farther away for a night out... but there's already plenty in the area to do without the hassle of a vehicle...

and you can easily walk or roll along the bike path between

Marina del Rey, Venice and Santa Monica.

- Any additional meals / snacks / treats / alcohol / activities you partake in... but there are tons of free activities available when you aren't living it up with your beach house comrades... swimming in the ocean, basketball, the Venice skate park; rings, rope to climb and acro yoga by the Santa Monica Pier, beach volleyball, exploring - and tons of people watching, etc. 

Your host Lisa has lived in the area for a decade and is available to help with recommendations and information. 

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